2016 · Introduction

New Beginnings!


Hello lovely people!

With this post I officially pronounce this blog: active.

*cue the confetti*

It’s been a very long semester of debating if I should spread my wings and open up a blog of my own and I finally got the courage to do so.  You can expect lots of reviews, mostly book related ones, but also some anime and manga mixed in there.  I’ll definitely be ranting tons, since I have way too many thoughts in my head that I want to share (or might not want to but need to so I don’t explode).

I do believe I’m supposed to give a little introduction. My name’s Camila Rodríguez, I’m 19 years old and you probably know me from my bookstagram: abookeater  or my tumblr: justabookeater. I mostly read YA fiction, my favorite genres are fantasy and contemporary and I have an unhealthy (I think it’s perfectly healthy) obsession with avocados.

I hope to meet tons of awesome people and I ask that you please be patient with me since I probably have no idea what I just got myself into. Maybe. Most definitely don’t.

I’m currently spending the summer in Arizona and it’s been a blast so far.  I have some library hauls I’m going to post and some used books store hauls as well!  I’ll try to be active during the trip but if I’m unable to, please understand that this is my much needed vacation time and I need to relax.

Feel free to ask questions and send in book recommendations or just say hi once in awhile! I promise I’m somewhat normal and friendly. At least my parents think so.

Any who, with that I’ll bid you all a good night or a good day; until my next post!

(also, here, have some dancing avocados!!!)

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  1. I swear, avocados are the best thing ever. I could eat them all year long. I especially love it for breakfast with pan de bollo and a Malta. It’s very healthy, I know haha So glad to know you have a blog of your own! Yes, it’s tough. It requires lots of commitment (you should see my schedule) but it’s fun 🙂 Get a Bloglovin! It’s easier to follow on there and keep up on all the blogs. I wish you luck and please don’t hesitate to ask me for advice. I’d love to help 🙂
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews


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