2016 · Reading Progress · Recap


Hi guys! Today/Tonight I’ll be giving you guys a run through all the books I’ve read so far this year.  With this list y’all can see some of the books I’ll possibly be reviewing this summer!


January was fantastic reading month for me.  The semester had just started so things were still pretty mellow.

Out of all these, my personal favorites are Fangirl, The Dream Thieves and I’ll Give You the Sun.  All of them were solid 5 ✩ reads!  I plan to reread them before writing reviews for them; I just want to be as in depth as possible.

As for Heir of Fire, I’m still waiting for Bloomsbury to release the Queen of Shadows paperback. It’s coming out this Fall!  I still have to read Lair of Dreams and Blue Lily Blue as well; sequels, sequels everywhere.  I’m very excited for Wayfarer to come out too! Passenger was a lovely read, Alexandra Bracken is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors ♡


February was also a rocking month. (Except for Love, Rosie. Ugh. Despicable).

My favorites are The Young Elites, A Darker Shade of Magic and Lola and the Boy Next Door.  I can’t wait to read A Gathering of Shadows. I miss those characters so much more than I thought I would! Lola was cute and fluffy and perfect; Stephanie Perkins can do no wrong.

The Young Elites ruined my life to be honest.  #TeamAdelina now and forever, I want to see her burn the world down.  Marie Lu is my queen.  And yes! I did read The Rose Society, just scroll down a bit and you’ll see.


 March has definitely been my slowest reading month.  Y’all can blame Carry On. It left me in a terrible reading slump due to it’s greatness.  The Rose Society (see, I told you to scroll down a bit!) was also pretty amazing and gory and life ruining. The Midnight Star CANNOT get here sooner.


April has been my peak reading month! I finally finished the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo and read Six of Crows soon after.  I think that has been my favorite read of the year, Leigh can really do no wrong.  I’m just gonna hibernate until September, when Crooked Kingdom comes out.

Plus I finished Stephanie Perkin’s contemporary trilogy thingie and I loved it to pieces. Isla was definitely the cutest of the three; I could not stop squealing throughout it.  I even shed some tears with the ending.  I’d honestly give up my left leg for a sequel series set after Isla. I just love this crazy gang so much. ♡


This is all I have for May at the moment. I was actually looking forward to The Rose and the Dagger the most but it was kind of slow and the writing wasn’t as fluid as it was in the first book.  That bums me out a bit.

Simon was such a heart-warming story and I’m so glad I finally picked it up.  I need more of these light and easy reads.


June has been filled with 5 star reads so far!  They’ve all become personal favorites of mine and have lived up to all the hype they’ve gotten.  The wait for the sequels is going to be pure torture, I swear.

If there’s a book in this recap that you’d like me to review, feel free to leave a comment! It’ll help me prioritize my posts.

Until next time darlings!




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