2016 · book haul · short post · summer

New Beginnings!(5)



The libraries here are amazing.  I’ve been checking out books like crazy ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

Which one of these should I read first?



These have all been bargains! The most expensive one was The Unexpected Everything, which I got for $15.  The others I’ve bought in thrift stores.  I think I’ve spent less than $40 in total!

I’m so glad I found All the Light We Cannot See, I was afraid I was gonna cave and pay full price for it but I found it yesterday for only $2!!

(both these pictures are mine. please credit me if you decide to use them!)



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  1. I’ve read The Unexpected Everything and it’s so good! I have a few issues with it, but overall I couldn’t complain! I also am about to start Snow Like Ashes for my book club! I’m so excited to read it. I hope you like it as well! HOW DID YOU FIND IT AT A THRIFT STORE??


    1. I’m glad you liked TUE! I’ll probably get to it in August. Oooh what’s the name of our book club? I’d love to check it out.

      It’s this local library, they have a small shop up front and they always have a great selection of books! I got it for $2 with the library binding and I just cut it off at home.


  2. Wow, you found All The Light We Cannot See for super cheap, I applaud! I’m always on the lookout for good used bookstores; so much money can be saved by shopping second hand. Plus, the “used” books are almost always in such good condition!

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!


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