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New Beginnings!(6)

While I do love popular books, sometimes I like losing myself in something new and unexpected.  Here are some I enjoyed immensely and was pleasantly surprised once I read them!


All of these books left me in pieces, reading them was like getting whiplash.  I went in not knowing anything about them and left totally in love.  Please read them so I have someone to fangirl with, I beg you guys!


The Houglass trilogy by Myra McEntire is one of my favorite trilogies ever.  There’s romance, time-travel and each book focuses on a different couple so there’s a great variety of POVs.

I think you ALL know how obsessed I am with Victoria Schwab and her books.  I’ve only read the first installment of this trilogy, The Archived, but it was so good. I can’t wait to read The Unbound.


Though Aerie isn’t out yet, I did love Magonia enough to know this author is up to magnificent things.  Her writing style is very unique and the world-building was what sucked me in to the whole adventure.  The characters are unconventional and aren’t the covers magical?




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  1. Book recommendations are always fun to read! 😀 Thank you for compiling a wonderful list! I haven’t read any of these – but that’s good right? More to read from your recs! I’ve heard lots of good things about When We Collided though…so looking forward to reading that one soon! Thanks for sharing ❤


  2. I LOVE your suggestions, thank you so much for sharing these! I have When We Collided and The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows on my TBR, I can’t WAIT to read those! I put Hourglass on my TBR YEARS ago, but I forgot about it until now. I think I chose it because of the cover mostly, haha, but I am thrilled to hear you loved it so much. I need to move it up to my TBR then! 🙂


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